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What is Quantum Break?

Quantum Break, from the makers of Alan Wake and Max Payne, is an upcoming game in development by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. Blurring the line between cinema and gaming, Qunatum Break aims to be a revolutionary experience in entertainment. The world of Quantum Break is a twisting and complex one, leading to rich storytelling and adaptive narrative. Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, the heroes of Quantum Break, fight against Paul Serene and his Monarch Security Force to save the future before time runs out in the East Coast hamlet of Riverport. True to the name Quantum Break, as time decays and breaks apart, seconds turn into minutes, with epic explosions and gunfights blossoming into massive orchestrations. These complex and affluent demonstrations are expected to reach the big screen as an Xbox Exclusive some time in 2015, as yet the Release Date is only a speculation.